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21 May 2021

At HSBC, we understand the role digital innovation plays in transforming business.

Take your trading to the next level with HSBC Evolve, our award-winning platform. HSBC Evolve is our customisable FX platform that adapts to fast-changing markets and technology to make execution more intuitive, flexible and efficient. Experience a fully integrated execution journey, from pre-trade through to post-trade.

Executing transactions in a reliable, easy-to-navigate environment is key to helping you make the most of market opportunities and optimise your cross-border operations.

Using HSBC Evolve is…


  • Follow your transactions - With its fast and flexible features, HSBC Evolve could help you:
  • Gain better control and value from your operations, throughout the execution lifecycle.
  • Get a complete overview of all the trades executed with HSBC at a glance, regardless of the execution method, through the powerful Trading Blotter.
  • Perform a wide range of activities such as rolls and draw-downs, all exportable, all in one place.


  • Tailor your session as you wish - To help you execute quickly, securely and independently, the Trading Canvas is customisable:
  • You can add or delete currency tiles as you wish.
  • Access detailed information easily and execute trades with a single click.
  • Personalise your session: just update your settings and your Trading Canvas to get your session tailored to your preferences.


  • Tap into advanced execution capabilities - Access our rich solutions:
  • Breadth: Over 1,500 currency pairs, deliverable and non-deliverable
  • Footprint: Across Asian, European and North and Latin American markets and restricted markets
  • Liquidity: HSBC being a leader in major currencies and emerging markets liquidity, you’ll enjoy simple access to our liquidity network
  • Product range: With only a few clicks it is easy to trade spot, forwards, swaps, time options and more, including options and algorithmic trading strategies.

Experience a fully integrated and customisable execution journey, from pre-trade through to post-trade.

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