With an extensive presence in the world’s rates markets, HSBC brings our expertise in sales, trading, structuring and distribution together with market-leading research in over 50 countries through our nearly 800 fixed income specialists located around the globe. Our deep product knowledge and global liquidity solutions allow our clients to access a range of markets, particularly in the Pound Sterling, Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar and Euro.

As a leading origination house for sovereigns and supranationals, HSBC holds a strong position in inflation-linked markets. We are also a primary dealer for Eurozone sovereigns. At a global level, our more than 230 traders handle over 50 actively traded currencies worldwide, resulting in an important connection to central bankers, policy makers and regulators.

Our expert sales teams are broadly split into investor and corporate specialists, enabling us to deliver focused opinions, trading ideas and strategies specific to your organisational goals. Plus, you also have access to structured rate products through our global platform to meet your asset and liability needs. With offices in Dubai, Sao Paulo and Sydney as well as our hub dealing rooms in London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong, HSBC offers a seamless, cross-border connectivity. We are linked up for 24-hour sales and trading coverage, which enables our clients to take advantage of opportunities through a full range of products, including:

  • Covered bonds
  • Index-linked and global government bonds
  • Sovereign, agency and supranational bonds
  • Inflation swaps
  • Interest rates swaps, options and forward rate agreements
  • Repos
  • Exotic interest rate products, such as quantos
  • Sovereign CDs

HSBC Global Rates is part of the Fixed Income business.

- The products and services referred to on this website are provided globally and might not be available in Japan.

- Under Japanese regulations, some overseas products and services may not be promoted by staff in Japan.

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